teléfono +34 93 246 24 14
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Homemade Desserts


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Our Meet: The best steaks in Barcelona.

Our Homemade Desserts.

Restaurant Hours

Midday: From 12:30h to 16:00h.

Evening: From 19:00h to 23:00h.


Tel. 93 246 24 14.

Homemade Desserts

Big selection of Spanish desserts.

Wine List

Bierzo, Rioja, Ribera del duero, Penedés...


If you prefer, you can enjoy your meal on our terrace.


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Steak house restaurant Rincón de León in Barcelona

A good meal, combined with a great wine, blesses our body, enriches our spirit, and purifies the soul

The Rincón de León Steak House Restaurant is located in Barcelona about 50 meters below the entrance of the Sagrada Familia. It is a restaurant for both locals and foreigners where all dishes are prepared in the kitchen.

The grill restaurant boasts 10 tables for a total of 40 guests in a family and comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy our menu items and excellent wines from Bierzo, Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Penedés, Priorat, etc.

The Rincón de León is known for its delicious steaks and large portions, although on our menu you can enjoy fish, sausages and other specialties just as well known as our steaks.

Steak House restaurant with a Family Tradition

It is a significant fact that after 31 years of being in the restaurant business, we continue in the same location and with the same dedication that we started with. Today technological advances keep us informed by such means as current innovations like the internet, but it also requires us to maintain our commitment to deliver quality and reliability. Based on these premises we owe it to our customers because, thanks to them, we maintain a contract of efficiency and effectiveness with them. We are a family ... because we provide a service in a family setting with emphasis on the tranquility of our locale. And thanks to that we can offer a personal service and total confidence in our dishes. By just keeping these guidelines we can offer a great deal of harmony and plan each day as a relentless and vocational labor entirely devoted to the welfare of our diners. 20 years have passed quickly, and in each one we have shared moments of supreme importance in our lives: meetings, celebrations, anniversaries ... We have learned a lot throughout all this time, that with the values that characterize us, we will build a tomorrow together with you. Visit us at the Rincón de León Grill restaurant in Barcelona or see our contact information here to make your reservation.